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Published: 14th April 2011
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In todayís era, everybody is searching for pioneering, yet inexpensive technical elucidation to help them continue with the speedy varying anxiety of work surroundings. Meta-Tech Portable Cabins is an ideal example of this. It coalesce a superior blend of modernization and superiority to propose portable cabins that ensure quality, the synergy achieved between metal and technology assures value for your money, whatís more, Meta-Tech Cabins are obtainable in a wide range to go with your requirements, anytime, anyplace. Meta Cabins can be generally categorized as accommodation ms bunk houses, sanitary blocks, office bunk houses, laboratory units, medical units, portable kitchen, labor camps and many more. With Meta-Cabins you donít have to be concerned regarding the sturdiness of the products thanks to the high excellence that is guarantee while fabricating them. The pre-fabricated cabins are shaped as per your obligation and can be assembling speedily as compared to RCC constructions.

Meta-Tech Cabins are top producer of foremost producer of Portable Cabins, Porta Cabins, GRP Portable Cabins, Porta Cabin, Fire Proof Cabins, Porta Offices, MS Bunk House, Porta Bunks, Prefab Manufacturer, Prefab Structure, Prefabricated Manufacturer, Prefabricated Structure & Cabin manufactured by a dedicated team of expert and workforce who believe in innovation, producing cost effective goods and suitable release. We have well prepared facilities for storing raw materials, cutting, fabrication and assembling, extend across an area of 40,000 square feet. As every procedure is personally supervised by our excellence control management, we guarantee a high excellence product. Also we consider that a release of Meta-Tech Cabin is not an end, but a beginning of our relationship and we make sure this by our prompt after sales service.

As our cabins help you to run your company effortlessly stay along with your expansion, we take pleasure in saying that we are not manufacturing cabins, but WE PRODUCEPROGRESS.

GRP Cabins (Glass Reinforced Polyester)
Glass Reinforced polyester (GRP) is a light, tough and harsh constructional matter which can be fabricated into all manner of products. It may be translucent, solid or colored, flat or shaped, thin or thick. GRP is a compound flexible sturdy resin with an enormously strong fibrous glass. The resin is the main component and it is usually a polyester resin. Just as concrete may be toughened with steel rods so polyester resins may be reinforced with glass fibres to form GRP. Glass fibre is one of the strongest of all resources. It is non combustible and chemically resistant.

Glass Reinforced polyester (GRP) is a light, tough and hard constructional material which can be fabricated into all modes of products. It may be translucent, solid or colored, flat or fashioned, thin or thick. GRP is a complex resilient robust resin with a vastly strong fibrous glass. The resin is the main module and it is usually a polyester resin. Just as concrete may be reinforced with steel rods so polyester resins may be reinforced with glass fibers to form GRP. Glass fiber is one of the strongest of all materials. It is non flammable and chemically resistant.


1) With use of compound materials, the material acts together in strengthening the material to overcome deficits of the other. GRP becomes a material that resists well both compressive and tensile forces. The two materials may be used uniformly or the glass may be specifically placed in those portions of the structure that will experience tensile loads.

2) Cost Efficient: - As the construction of the site erection consumes less time which offer in quick delivery, the result of this is cost competent product.

3) High Degree of Design Flexibility: - The sensible uses of fiberglass are practically endless, limited only by your thoughts. Fibreglass opened much new possibility for imaginative designers. Its unique physical property allows it to be effortlessly tooled, molded and manufactured to meet nearly any specifications. Because there are few constraints on size, shape, color or finish, the styling and appearance can take precedence over manufacturing costs.


Appearance: - Fiberglass parts are gel-coated in their shape with a choice of flat, semi-gloss or high gloss color abolishes the need for painting. In highly corrosive atmosphere gel-coats are much tougher than most paints.

Versatility: - The frivolous strength of fiberglass has forever made it a popular choice for developed. Fiberglass offers distinct reward in a wide range of products; its reduced weight and protection make it striking on architectural projects. More and more business is discovering the profit of its adaptability.

Flexible for Diversification & Expansion: - It can be designed to match the future requirements in terms of height, length and width.

Corrosion Environmentally Tough: - Fiberglass is non-corrosive and has a much longer life expectancy when evaluate to a diversity of construction materials. In highly acidic environments Fiberglass is the favorite choice over metal, wood, or plastic. A well-liked option where exposure to harsh atmosphere is a concern, Fiberglass offer confrontation to ultra violet light, immense temperatures, salt air, and a diversity of chemicals including most acids. Because fiberglass is chemically inert and corrosion-resistant, it presents an inexpensive option to stainless steel.

Resistance: - GRP is sound proof, water evidence and fire proof. It is free from algae, leakage and corrosion.

Dielectric: - Fiberglass is non-conductive, RF transparent, and helps to insulate against electromagnetic fields, creation Fiberglass the evident choice for electrical and electronic equipment storage.

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